BrainTek's Brain Management Program:

You can have the best gasoline in the world but if your engine is not tuned and the fluids areyou’re your performance will be marginal.  Why is memory marginal?  Why is it difficult to pay attention in class?  Why can’t the child tap into that potential?  Because the brain is managing them.  When is the last time you walked through a brick wall?  There is nothing harder than trying to enter a locked mind.

Learning to manage your brain is vital to your present and your future.  The stress affects your ability to learn, the mind chatter and mental fatigue is massive.  The affect on the family is not only stressful and affects changes the family dynamics.

BrainTek programs accelerate learning and also help students catch up.  Our programs have been successful with ADHD, Learning Disorders, low self-esteem, low-confidence and OCD.  BrainTek programs have been utilized in public and private schools, U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps program, rehabilitation centers, clinics and in workshops and seminars.

Our assessments will help you understand your learning style and help you bridge your learning style to your teachers teaching style.

BrainTek studies your brain through a series of assessments and designs an individualized program for your brain.  BrainTek’s entrainment program utilizes lobe specific brain entrainment exercises, computer games, virtual reality total immersion interactive games, and sound protocols, experiential enrichment activities and video games.

As your brain is being tuned utilizing a series of BrainTek protocols, you are being taught how to manage your brain.

These protocols have helped individuals recover one to five grade levels in math and reading in as little as 30 hours in special education programs, rehabilitation programs including the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps program.

•    Anyone can look; We teach you to see
•    Anyone can hear; We teach you to listen
•    Anyone can talk; We teach you to communicate and
•    to become your own advocate with your teachers.

There are certain movements that can command focus whether you are in the classroom or the boardroom.  We teach you exercises that teach you to improve your speed of thought, improve memory access, three ways to read; one method enhances your ability to remember and recall.

Our techniques help you get more done in less time.  That means less time struggling and getting the project done faster.

BrainTek offers in office and remote programs.

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