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BrainTek’s programs have been developed to help people train and manage their brain.  One’s ability to learn is enhanced or challenged by one’s ability to manage their brain.

Muscles weaken without a regular exercise routine. The brain, also weakens without regular exercise and use.  The best exercise program is one specifically designed for your particular needs.  

The best brain exercise program is one designed for your particular needs.

Imagine the world of possibilities if we exercised our brains with the same vigor and determination as we do our other muscle groups.

People who allow their brains to manage them often find themselves stressed, depressed, floundering or escaping to things that help them offset stress through alternative activities such as video games, checking out socially and academically alcohol, drugs, smoking or other vices.  

However people locked in these behaviors show the greatest decline in spatial skills affecting grades, social life and achievement.

The unique challenge is that everybody’s brain is as unique to them as their fingerprints.  Their lifestyle, environment, habits stress levels set the homeostasis or a baseline of brain behavior.  This homeostasis dictates how we learn, how we function throughout the day and when challenged, it can affect stress levels, family peace, social environment and especially grades and productivity.

Not only is every brain unique to the brain owner, everyone has a preferred learning style and modality.  These learning styles and modalities play an important role in our ability to learn and comprehend.

Learning and Productivity is leveraged by your brain’s homeostasis.

BrainTek studies your brain through a series of assessments and designs an individualized program for your brain.  BrainTek’s entrainment program utilizes lobe specific brain entrainment exercises, computer games, virtual reality total immersion interactive games, and sound protocols, experiential enrichment activities and video games.

As your brain is being tuned utilizing a series of BrainTek protocols, you are being taught how to manage your brain.

These protocols have helped individuals recover one to five grade levels in math and reading in as little as 30 hours in special education programs, rehabilitation programs including the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps program.

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