The Brain ~ Body Connection

Managing Physical Pain from the Brain

 By Dennis R. Maness, Ph.D.


At any given time, you have a variety frequencies operating throughout your brain at the same time. Various frequencies have different roles.  From time to time, the wrong frequency will become dominant that can manifest in physical pain in varying locations of the body.  Incorrect frequencies can be caused from diet, substance abuse, illness, our refusal to slow down and take better care of ourselves, stress, and a variety of other problems.

The fluid structure of the brain is just as important as the solid structure. The fluids of our brain is composed of proteins, glucose and oxygen. Just where does this fluid come from?  It starts with our diet and our supplement regimen.  Your brain doesn’t magically conjure up the amino’s, enzymes and other nutrients required to run your brain and body.  Your life building blocks start with a proper diet and supplement regimen.

I make this statement as often as I can whenever I speak to a group of people who are concerned about their cognitive function. "You are only as good as the fuel you place inside your body." "Most of us treat our cars with greater care and concern than we do our on bodies. The fats, the oils, the sugars, the fast foods, the sodas, the pesticides from the tobacco, the chemicals we ingest, absorb, what some will shoot up, snort, smoke, sniff, dissolve, swallow . . . then we wonder . . . why . . . we . . . can . . . not . . . talk . . . in . . . more . . . than . . . single . . . syllable . . . words . . ., we wonder why memory doesn't work like it did when we were getting rest, managing our stress, our weight, our time and making time for those we love, including ourselves."

Have you noticed when you are under pressure, your mind becomes distracted, detached or feeling as if it has shut down?  When you worry, you start a chain reaction that can affect your;

  • Focus,
  • Adrenals,
  • Attention,
  • Nervous Stomach,
  • Stomach Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Immune System
  • Your ability to make sound decisions
  • limits productivity and achievement

Fortunately for many, this is something that can be corrected in a very short period of time.  I often tell my patients “it is not the load that breaks you down, it is the way you carry it.”   A patient visited me recently and complained about back and stomach pain.  When I looked at her brain map, I mentioned her stress levels and paralleled them to pain in her abdomen and lower back.  She was quick to let me know there was no stress.  I didn’t argue with her; instead, I created a protocol for her stress levels at three major communication locations within her brain.  Within the hour, she described how the pain in her back was gone.  The black under her eyes and the stress lines in her forehead and around her eyes was also gone.  Today, I received a telephone call from another lady saying she had the best night of sleep she has had in months.  She continued to tell me how the stress lines around her eyes and forehead diminished to the extent she had to put on her glasses to make sure.  Remember, if it affects the brain, it very often affects the body.  

There are a couple of things you can do at home to support what we are doing at the clinic.  They are;

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing is a simple but effective method in increasing your energy and alertness.  You can do this while setting at your desk at the office, classroom and home.  Start with an exhale to empty your lungs.  Now inhale slowly and deeply for the count of five; hold the breath for the count of five then slowly release for the count of five. And repeat four additional times.  You will want to increase the time of each cycle from a five count to six counts to seven.  Remember, you get more of the feel good neuro chemicals and oxygen from the gut than you do the brain.

Three Minute Mental Vacation:

I often ask my guests to review their happiest memories then take a few minutes to relive them.  Take a few minutes to find that happy place; a place where your memories come alive.  Feel the breeze, notice the ambiance, feel the moment,  imagine yourself there.   As you are in this state of mind, notice the feelings of calm, peace and invigoration.  Enjoy the moment.  Research has shown the benefits of visualization exercises for relaxation and energy.

Muscular Exercise:

Most any type of muscular exercise will increase your alertness, focus and attention.  A brisk walk or a trip up and down the stairs can invigorate and stimulate your energy. 

Standing in the sunlight

Stretching can also stimulate mental alertness and increase mental energy.  Stretching while in sunlight is even better.

After I reset and balance their brain, I teach my guests several exercises to help them stimulate this mental energy.  Your visit to BrainTektm will help you find solutions to your health needs.

BrainTek Institute continues to stay at the cutting edge of brain / body research.  Our research has helped us become successful with  traumatic brain injury, stroke, Attention / Focus and other cognitive challenges.  We are also studying how early detection of irregular brainwave behavior is a valuable predictor of potential challenges.

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