The Universe Within

by: Dennis Maness, PhD

The noise surrounds you. The crowd, the barking dog, the lawn mower, the roar of the loud motorcycle, the daily stress from school or the office that compound the mind chatter.   Just can't turn off all those thoughts that become the sounds in your mind which scream the loudest, often even drowning out the voices of those speaking to you and just a few feet away.  This mental noise wreaks havoc on productivity and stress levels.  There never seems to be time for you.  Yet, even when life is on overload, there is a place that is foreign to most people where the serenity is abundant.

Let’s follow three people who found lasting relief when they learned how to step away from stress, depression, cognitive and memory issues into this room. Sue came to see Dr. Maness and soon teared up explaining how depression had been a constant visitor since she was a child. Victor had ADHD, dyslexia and was quick to anger. David had been in a serious accident that crushed his skull, which in turn caused nine years of cognitive, memory and seizure challenges.  David’s driver’s license had been revoked making life even more challenging.  By learning these simple techniques, things started changing

As you relax in the comfort of your own home or in one of the BrainTek pods, you can feel it.  You place the headphones on your ears and connect to the BrainTek Cloud.  As the sounds engulf you, you feel as if you are walking on the cloud, toward an entrance to this universe as you ready your key for entrance. You place your key in the door and walk in. The door closes behind you as if to shut out the mind chatter, multiple competing thoughts and disturbances from this new place you have found within your own mind.  Many have described this experience as if they have stepped into another world.

You look around and see a well-organized place; the air is filled with soft music; music as smooth as silk gently dancing on your senses. You almost feel uncomfortable as your senses melt into a state of relaxation. In this moment, you have transformed from the world you knew a few minutes earlier, a world of noise, mind chatter and confusion that caused an inability to focus; to this place of relaxation, serenity and focus.  Now that you are in this universe, relax. Let it all go. You are safe, engulfed in this quiet state of mind.  As you begin to feel secure, you begin to notice your surroundings. Where is this place you ask; so pleasant, so calm, so relaxing? Welcome to the universe within.

As you relax and settle in, the mind chatter dissipates and the mental fatigue is starting to lift.  Clarity starts to return and some will drift off to sleep as the protocol starts to balance the brain as if tuning a fine instrument.  This is not a mystical, magical or spiritual experience; it is learning how to find a place within your own mind for peace, relaxation and focus. 

Your responsibility at this stage is to relax; you may want to drift to sleep and that if perfectly fine.  While you are relaxing, the BrainTek protocols are tuning your brain just as you would tune a fine instrument.  As the brain becomes in tune, a harmonizing effect happens that many feel as refreshing calm comes about.  You become aware of different areas of the brain relaxing as the brain comes into balance.  Then, following the exercises from the BrainTek Institute guide you are now positioned to become the conductor of this great symphony in your brain.

Thoughts, creative ideas, plans can start to be played out in your mind.  Solutions, resolutions, the letting go of past hurts and emotional issues resolved. 

It is here that new patterns are being set as you are training your brain to function at a different homeostasis.  The great majority of people have allowed their brain to manage them.  Over time, behaviors are developed that become the tendency of one’s behavior; the way they act, think or respond to issues.  The BrainTek Institute programs teach you to manage your brain and change to a new, more preferred tendency of behavior.  It is at this point, you start making the change to become the person you want to be; more productive, more focused, a person without depression, to eliminate the mental fatigue and mind chatter, to be more productive and yes, we have seen changed lives as people transform like David, Sue and Victor.

When you are in this universe, you are always in control.  You decide to enter this this peaceful place to remove yourself from the outside world so you can focus on organization, productivity or enter a deep sleep or to find solutions for a project you are working on; to find creativity or to logically things through.  Then, when you are finished, exit to the real world and put your plans into motion.

They all found this universe within and learned how to enter and exit when needed.  For nine years, David struggled with cognitive challenges and seizures when he started the program.  For David the seizures are a distant memory.  Since his visits to the BrainTek Institute, His driver’s license was reinstated and today, he and his wife live a happy life working, traveling and enjoying their family.  (medical records are on file at the BrainTek Institute.)    Today, Victor’s grades are all in the 80s and 90s (A’s and B’s).  Sue’s family reports she has not experienced the bad bouts of depression since learning these techniques.

The brain is an amazing tool.  As a tool we need to know how to manage it.  Science has learned more about the brain in the last fifteen years than in all recorded history.

The methods we use at BrainTek were developed by our own researchers and have utilized in U.S. Department of Labor, Job Corps, rehabilitation programs, and special education programs including the Oxnard and Los Angeles Unified School Districts, Toyota Training Center, lock down environments, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and remote into the homes.

Our proprietary programs have been shown to contribute to improvements in cognitive, emotional, social, learning and productivity. Examples of this are shown in the Changed Lives section of our web site from medical doctors, nurses, naturopathic doctors and individuals just like yourself.

Research has shown that our proprietary signals, music, sound, vibration, and brain wave entrainment is associated with improvements in brain health and psychological well-being. This has been confirmed by sponsored research through the National Institute of Health and other organizations. BrainTek is involved in research projects at two major universities and continue to stay at the cutting edge of non-invasive technologies and brain entrainment. Dr. Maness is a member of ISNR, the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research.

You may reach Dr. Maness by email at Learn more about BrainTek by visiting our website, You may email BrainTek at

BrainTek Institute continues to stay at the cutting edge of brain / body research. Our research has helped us become successful with traumatic brain injury, stroke, Attention / Focus and other cognitive challenges. We are also studying how early detection of irregular brainwave behavior is a valuable predictor of potential challenges.

International Society for Neurofeedback Research

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