When You Can't Trust Your Brain

by;  Dennis Maness, PhD

It happens at all ages - from toddler to the most senior person: a slip of memory, a headache or a panic attack to name a few brain related issues… all for seemingly no reason. Something as simple as “Where did I put my keys?; Why did I walk in this Room?; Why did I turn here?” They used to call these “senior moments” but too many of our children are experiencing the same problems.

Soon we apply labels like ADD, ADHD, stress, tension, bad memory etc. and without correction the problem only get worse. Labels are not solutions; labels are classifications and excuses that most often can be addressed. Most often we find or are given a label, we relax. We now know it is “old age” or something we can throw pill at, then we go on with life satisfied that we can now name it. All we have done is name the issue and temporarily find relief. Isn’t it time we fixed it instead?

A headache is a warning light that tells us that something is out of balance, not operating properly and needs to be addressed. Most people negate/numb the pain with a temporary solution such as a pill, a nap or eating and never address the root of the problem. Remember the brilliant person who would get so upset because of those annoying “warning” lights on control panel of his car kept turning on? He found that by placing a piece of thick tape over them they “went away”. He addressed the symptom and allowed the larger problem to destroy his automobile. We can mask a symptom and all too soon we become mollified with a temporary solution to the determinant of our long term health.

Masking creates a lack of trust.

We have a problem, we assign a label then we mask the root of the problem by treating the symptom. Now we have a “blind trust”, as in the case above, the trust is in a piece of tape covering the warning light, but the actual problem doesn’t go away. The nervous tension continues, the headaches continue, the problems with sleep or the gut continue. Owning a membership to the gym doesn’t get you back in shape.

When children (and adults for that matter) don’t know how to manage their brain they will display certain behaviors such as; attention problems, impulsivity, acting out or being the class clown. Telling these people to snap out of it is like telling one to produce more insulin. They don’t know how to deal with the feelings inside. The inner tension is great and increases which causes worry, stress and an imbalance in the brain. This imbalance affects our ability to process and the inability only adds more fuel to the fire inside causing a lack of trust in our own brain. It’s human nature; if you don’t trust someone or something, be it a person, a tool or device, you stop using it or use it in some reduced capacity. But in this case, when you are dealing with your brain; it is time to address the root of the cause as to why you are experiencing mental and physical challenges.

Brain Management
How do we learn to trust? Learning to manage your brain is your first step in turning negative issues into positive. Brain management means you have to look beyond the labels and identify the solutions. Work with health care professionals to help you understand why your memory does not behave or why you have tremors or why there is nervous tension and headaches. What are the triggers?

Self Examination:

  1. What is it that causes you to mistrust your brain? Is it Memory loss, Pain, Stress, Depression etc.?
  1. What are the symptoms?
  1. Some examples of these may be: Attention problems, Impulsivity, Acting out, Headache, Muscle tension, Eye strain, Gut issues, Sleeplessness etc.
  1. Where in your body did it you first notice the symptoms?
  1. The Gut / Stomach, the Head, the Chest? What was the trigger that brought it about?
  1. Room lighting, Fear, Self esteem, Confidence? With an understanding of the triggers and underlying causes of the symptoms, work with your health care professionals to find resolution.

BrainTektm Institute is designed to help you identify and address the root causes of these issues. We start with a brain map of balance and frequencies of the brain. This is non-invasive and tracks the processing of the brain. Is there a major imbalance that can cause the behavior and/or symptoms you are experiencing? We look to see if these behavior and/or symptoms may be due to a chemical imbalance, neural misfiring, physical or mental trauma, a lack of amino acids, dietary imbalance or mental fatigue. Using that information we work with you via sound stimulation, frequencies, biofeedback-, and natural supplementation.  We also teach you how to manage your own brain when these symptoms arise.

At BrainTektm Institute, we are a team that can help you return to your path to vibrant health. Once you are back on that pathway it is easy to trust your brain and move forward.

BrainTek Institute continues to stay at the cutting edge of brain / body research.  Our research has helped us become successful with  traumatic brain injury, stroke, Attention / Focus and other cognitive challenges.  We are also studying how early detection of irregular brainwave behavior is a valuable predictor of potential challenges.

International Society for Neurofeedback Research

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