BrainTek Assessments look at 150 Markers withing the brain that help us get to the root of the challenge.

These assessments help us get to know the cause of the symptom.

  • What is causing the hyperactivity, the sluggishness, the mental fog some of the symptoms that affect your productivity?

  • What is causing the Attention Challenges (attention is different than an inability to focus; however, attention challenges are often co-morbid with focus and dyslexia?

  • What is causing the Inability to Focus?

Advancements in BrainTek Institute’s Assessments of Behavioral Relationships have made identifying root issues faster and less expensive than earlier qEEG behavioral imaging.  The assessment helps to identify imbalances and root behaviors linking the genesis of thought to the behavior (symptom.)  The assessments take into account various areas within the brain that are responsible for certain behavioral combinations that will be evidenced by their relationships with other areas of the brain.  These assessments bring out markers that help identify the root causes of inattention, lack of focus, mental fatigue, memory issues and help set a path to recovery.

We look at 150 markers that show affect and effect behaviors.  These markers include neural electrical, neural chemical and neural physiology.  

 BrainTek’s Behavioral Relationship Assessment:

When the BrainTek’s Behavioral Relationship Assessment shows that one is Lethargic and Tired with Hyperactive from four key markers may suggest a magnesium deficiency while focus and attention from three markers may show vestibular challenges. The matrix built into the software helps us understand associated challenges.  Is it diet or a lack of quality sleep?  Has the chain of symptoms brought about depression, lack of self-esteem or self-confidence?  Treating symptoms can extend far beyond childhood or adolescence.  

It's time to look beyond the symptoms.  The BRE matrix then suggests a key protocol that will start pealing back the layers of symptoms until it entrains you or your loved one to a more desired homeostasis allowing you to enjoy a greater productive, in control life.  

Your BrainTek Certified professional is trained in how to work within the assessments to allow the matrix assist you with the most beneficial protocol.

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