Specific behavioral patterns are usually present in individuals who have symptoms of Autism, and they may be troublesome to the individual and his or her family.
Working with individuals whose symptoms have been be diagnosed on the Autism spectrum is a unique experience for both the individual and the technician.  People on the Autism spectrum will often have difficulty with communication and interaction.  The BrainTek methods require interaction, dialogue, trust, and a lot of one-on-one attention. We create programs and protocols that relate to an autistic individual's particular needs.  Programs are in-office and remote in the comfort and security of the client's home.  The Autism spectrum is a diagnostic tool for evaluating the degree and type of autism in a patient.

Depending on the client's interaction, communication. and cooperation, we may or may not be able to obtain the brain map right away.  If we cannot, we will perform a variety of assessments and observations until we can conduct a brain map.

After the brain map and the neurochemical review have been processed, our team will create an entrainment program based upon the Autistic individual's specific needs.

Our remote programs allow us to work with our clients anywhere in the world.  Our protocols will usually include proprietary video games, exercises, and audio protocols that can be played at home alone or with the parents.  

Our results speak for themselves, and so do our clients.

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    Autism Spectrum    
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  Autism Spectrum 
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