Changed Lives : Addiction


The information supplied below are the experiences of the client, their teachers or parents.  Just as everyone's brain is different, everyone’s drive and desire for change is different, so are the results unique for each person.  Individual results may vary. 

We do not use the names of our clients nor identifying initials because of the sensitivity of the challenge.

Comments from Participants:

I expected some help from your therapy. I didn't expect I would loose my desire for the drugs. This is the longest time I haven't used. Thanks to you and the pack at your center. 0730rf03

I was referred to you to be treated for depression and suicidal behavior. Not only did the depression leave, I haven't used and it has been over a year . 0515sj02

I haven't done a line or seen an 8 ball since I started here. I am working again and it feels good that I got something going for me for good. 0815DC02

I felt like I was floating I could see the beach and people below me. I never feel so good and so good at the same. I flyed until I land. I tested good now for six months. Now, I learning a trade and gonna get a job and get back my woman and make my moma like me again. 0815ac02

I tested clean and haven't used since I was referred to your clinic. For once I made my mother cry for doing something good. 0927ck02

I didn't have a lot of confidence, I was a person who was quite weak. I always followed who ever had the best stuff. Since finding your program, not only have I stayed away from drugs, I haven't even wanted the stuff. Know what else? I have since learned that I can be someone special, I can be accepted. Now I got game now I got confidence. 0815dd02
I lost more than a bad addiction, I lost the depression, I lost the downer, I remember the first time I came to see you, you said I had the meanest look in my eyes. I was high, and you said my mouth was really engaged. I was gonna show you up with my style. I was out in minutes and when you brought me out of it, I remember I couldn't stand up cause my legs were like jelly. I just chilled there and haven't used since. I got elected Student Body President after that semester and now I look forward to college. Thanks to you and your program. 0815jk02

The doctors diagnosed me as having anxiety attacks. I did a lot of stuff and ditched a lot and was kicked out of school.  I ain't used in over a year. 0815ac02

Your program has taken me to new highs and has taught me I don't need the bad stuff to feel good about me. I was scared of your machine at first but now it scares me to think what I would be by now and where I would be by now had I not found you. Thanks ! 0815se02

I'm one of the old timers who has been drug free and depression free for over a year. I don't hear the voices talking inside my head anymore, I haven't had suicidal thoughts since then and I am no longer reclusive or repulsive. I have started driving again, I have taken a job and I am in nursing school. My husband is your biggest fan. 0501sl02

Your program has helped me so much. Since the second session, I have not had a suicidal tendency or a depressive thought and it has been over a year. I am not afraid of people any more, I am back in school, I answer the door, the telephone and have even enrolled in a trade school. I drive, I have taken a job and I could babble on and on. I feel totally new and I am grateful for Dr. Maness and him helping me to normal again. 05sj0203

Before, I didn't have a lot of confidence, I was a person who was quite weak. I have since learned that I can be someone special, I can be accepted. What that gave to me was a confidence. I became a peer counselor, a school board rep which was a dream . . . it came true. and have learned I can be as successful as I want. My future, I can do anything I want to. My life is up to me, and now, I know I can achieve. 05943139

Your program has helped me a lot. When I came in, I couldn't remember anything. Now, my memory is so much better and I understand things so much better than I used to. 0927dd02

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