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Every brain is different; results will vary depending on willingness and commitment to follow through on the program.





Learning Styles
When you tested me for ADHD, learning styles, and modalities, it really helped me understand why I had so many problems in school.  But when you taught me how to identify my teachers' teaching styles and modalities, everything opened up.  I now know how to learn from an auditory teacher !  This is Great !  Thanks, Dr. Maness. 

ADHD / Math / Reading / Memory
The doctors diagnosed me as having ADHD. I didn't like school. I ditched a lot and was kicked out of public school. Your games showed me my learning style and taught me to learn from different teaching styles.

I am now working one grade level ahead in math and two grade levels in reading.  I remember what I have heard and read.  I am not as hyper, my teachers like me now, and I am starting to trust them.  I am making more friends with smart students.  Your games were so easy and helpful.

I am now on the right medication, I don't ditch classes, I have made a lot of friends, and I will graduate on time.  You guys are my heroes. 

The BrainTek Approach to Focus and Attention

Every brain is as unique to the brain owner as their fingerprints. Their imbalances are unique to them and require special protocols for their particular needs, which is the reason we work with one brain at a time.  A protocol that worked on Sam likely won't work on Harry.

We look for the root causes of your focus, attention, and hyperactivity issues. We start with a brain map using a qEEG machine like those found in most clinics and hospitals.  This helps us locate imbalances within your brain.  In some areas, there may be too much beta or perhaps too much theta brainwaves.

We also look at food and environmental sensitivities which can contribute to focus, attention, and hyperactivity issues.  Diet and environment play a major role in learning disorders and ADD / ADHD.  The data received from these maps help our trained practitioners fit you with a protocol that is right for your brain, then train you on how to manage your brain for the future.

BrainTek Protocols:

Imbalances can easily be addressed safely, with fun, non-invasive, proprietary audio protocols and proprietary video games.  It’s as simple as playing games and learning how to manage your brain.  Certain movements of the hands or the eyes and head can bring you to attention and focus in seconds.  Once at attention, you can take over and manage mind chatter and distractions.  
Our programs are remote as well as in-office.

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