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Severe Head Injury
I am so excited, that I have to share my story.  About 40 years ago, I was in a car accident and received a severe head injury.  Since the accident, I had not regained use of my right hand and I had no feeling from the mid-arm down.  I heard about Dr. Dennis while visiting California.  My first appointment was the day before I was to leave town.  I felt confident when Dr. Maness told me he could help, so I extended my stay and had treatments every day for 4 days.

At the second treatment, I felt a tingling in my upper arm and forearm. This was something I had not felt for years. I could start to feel a change in the way my head sat lighter on my shoulders.  After the 4th treatment, I had a day off and then one last treatment.

Just before that last treatment my fingers had a feeling that I had to itch, and I could put my fingers around a cup and lift it up. I was so excited, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Now, I will go home and continue doing the exercises he gave me and take the supplements that will help repair the nerves.  You have no idea how exciting it is to have a dream come true.


Traumatic Brain Injury
(Medical documentation from hospital on file)


Nine years ago I was involved in a terrible auto accident which resulted in my receiving a traumatic brain injury.  Upon awakening from a coma I was confronted with speech deficits, memory problems, ear and vestibular damage, frequent seizures, could not be around crowds, had word-recognition and reading comprehension issues, and other brain-related problems.  The past nine years have been truly difficult for my entire family.

Your  brain scanning techniques and treatments were absolutely astonishing.  The information that you ascertained was precise and totally on the mark.  Your personality and manner made Sharon and me immediately feel comfortable and almost like family members.

The weekend following those five hours of sessions with you, Sharon and I took our grandchildren to Disneyland.  I couldn’t have contemplated this a few years ago.  The crowds would have been overwhelming.  Following our sessions I was able to handle the crowds and ride the Space Mountain Roller Coaster.  I would have to compare this event with my beloved Boston Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004.  Considering my vestibular damage and balance problems, I never thought I would ever see either of these events in my lifetime.

After just five hours of sessions with you, I was actually able to look at a computer screen.  I realize that may not seem like such a great accomplishment, but to someone with my visual issues any movement could evoke a seizure.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Dr. Maness's note: Three years following KK's first visit, he was able to re-obtain his driver's license and is still doing great.  KK and his wife met with us in December as they were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on their way to Hawaii.  No seizures, very active, and is writing a book telling of this experience.


Fell on His Head


This gentleman made medical history after he fell from the roof of a commercial building, landing head first on the cement below.  He was referred to us following his hospital stay.  He able to stand for only a few minutes at a time without dizziness or feeling faint.  His speech was limited, slurring words, and dropping and confusing his sentences. Notice the position of his skull in the scan to the left, and notice the shape of the midline of his brain from the scan on the right.

There was very little activity in the left hemisphere when we started our protocols.  After about 30 minutes of entrainment, activity returned to the left hemisphere.  Soon he was able to count by 10’s to 100 and stand for extended periods of time. We entrained with him for a total of 12 sessions. His speech became more coherent, and his ability to stand continued to improve.


His neurologist told him whatever he was doing, don't stop.  He was released to return to his home in Seattle. 

He came by the office in 2011 for a visit.  It's going on 3 years and he is still doing great.


Baby Hit by Drunk Driver


When Children's Hospital told us to take Izaiah home and call hospice, thank God we didn't listen.  

Without Dr. Maness, Izaiah would not be the happy little boy he is today, trying to pull himself up in bed, clap his hands and laugh. Dr. Maness began working with Izaiah at our family's request, after the hospital released him following the tragic brain injury he suffered when hit by a teen drunk driver.

At our request, Dr. Maness also gave a press conference to update the San Diego community who has been so kind to us about our son's progress.  He is a humble, Baby_Izaiah-standing_123.jpgbrilliant man who is helping thousands of people.

Hello, I am Izaiah's grandmother.

Dr. Maness is truly a gift from heaven. His work on my grandson has been more than a miracle.  I have literally been an eyewitness to the remarkable improvement that my grandson has made while under the care of Dr. Maness.

While in the hospital we were told by a team of doctors that Izaiah was severely brain damaged and that he should be sent home on hospice, basically to die.

If you could see how great Izaiah is doing now, you would be brought to tears.

Izaiah would constantly cry with fear, he would not let anyone touch him, not even his own parents! Izaiah is now showing a huge improvement, he is a happier little boy. He is starting to communicate with us by making verbal noises until he gets our attention. He smiles and claps with so much joy when we respond. You have no idea how happy it makes me feel now that Izaiah has said his first word since his accident.  He now says ”Yay” and claps his hands at the same time.

He bends his body forward and pushes himself back up to a sitting position, holds on to his bedrails and moves around so much in his bed that we have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't fall out!

Mind you, this is the same little boy they said had irreversible brain damage!!

Dr. Maness is a good-hearted man who is only trying to help people get better and enjoy the life they deserve to live. Thank you - MG


Today, Izaiah’s cognitive skills are returning.  He is starting to form words and sounds.  He is happy, responding to voice commands, is developing personality, and continuing to make progress.  We are continuing to develop protocols that help his brain / body communicate.  Thanks to Dr. Steve and Diane, he is now reaching and picking things up.

We are working with Baby Izaiah's cognitive skills and how they relate to the body's neuro-muscular behavior and his ability to form sounds as we working toward speech development. 

Our proprietary programs have been shown to contribute to improvements in cognitive, emotional, social, learning, and productivity. Research has shown that our proprietary signals, music, sound, vibration, and brain wave entrainment are associated with improvements in brain health and psychological well-being.  This has been confirmed by sponsored research through the National Institute of Health and other organizations.  BrainTek is involved in research projects at two major universities and continues to stay at the cutting edge of non-invasive technologies and brain entrainment. 

Dr. Maness is a member of ISNR, the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research.  You may reach him by email at   Learn more about BrainTek by visiting our website,   You may email BrainTek at
BrainTek Institute continues to stay at the cutting edge of brain / body research.  Our research has helped us become successful with traumatic brain injury, stroke, attention / focus, and other cognitive challenges.  We are also studying how early detection of irregular brainwave behavior is a valuable predictor of potential challenges.

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