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The testimonials supplied below are the experiences of the clients, their teachers or parents.  Just as everyone's brain is different, everyone’s drive and desire for change is different, so the results are unique for each person.  Individual results may vary. 

Memory / Focus / Attention

My daughter was experiencing major problems in her senior year of high school.  She was going to be challenged qualifying into a major college.  Dr. Maness of BrainTek worked with her, and we saw rapid improvement in her memory, the way she would think, her focus and attention.  In one semester, her grades improved; she was accepted into the college she wanted to attend, and has done great.  

Memory / Stress / Focus / Attention

I feel really good.  I received noticeable benefits in terms of decrease in stress levels; ability to focus, plan, and create solutions; better memory; less pain, and improved attention to details.  The greatest and most exciting experience of this visit was realizing that I can direct my brain and my life energetically.  I can focus, concentrate, plan, laugh more, take and express greater joy in life, more articulately express my thoughts and feelings, and enjoy a higher level of self-esteem and belief in myself, as well as belief in my success in marriage and work.  Dennis, you were/are wonderfully welcoming, encouraging, compassionate, and supportive.  I appreciate your gentle humor and your common-sense wisdom.  You are incredibly wonderful.  I feel ecstatically happy! 

Reading / Memory

Your games taught me how to speed up my reading AND increase my comprehension.  I passed all the exams with 100% because I now remember what I hear and read.  Doc kept us laughing until we got it!  I got it!  Thanks to your workshop, I tripled my reading speed, and my comprehension went to 100%!  Your program has really helped me in ALL my classes! 

Reading / Memory / Test Skills

Through your program, I went from reading 29 words a minute with zero comprehension to reading at my sprint speed of 749 words a minute and improved my comprehension to 100%.  I passed my college English placement test, and I thank you so very much. 

Math / Reading / Memory / Test Skills

Your workshop helped me improve my reading and comprehension skills.  The math part was really helpful.  It helped me do problems faster and efficiently.  This class is a necessity for anyone wanting to graduate without the stress and all those long hours of study.  You really do learn things faster and remember them longer. 

Math / Reading / Memory / Test Skills

I had no idea how to do fractions and percentages.  I had never understood math until your program.  You were very helpful and a nice, caring person.  If it was not for your class, I never would have passed the state exam.  By the way, I tripled my reading speed and upped my comprehension to 100%. AND . . . my MEMORY has improved so very much!  I still remember the Japanese list of words you taught us in 3 minutes!  I never thought I would.  Thanks, Doc! 

Math / Reading / Memory / Test Skills

Dr. Maness has really helped me.  Thanks to the workshop, I passed the State Certification Exam.  I didn't realize how important it was to learn your formulas and techniques until I took the State test.  You need to be fast because the test is timed.  Your games helped me learn to read so much faster, and your formulas and shortcuts helped me finish the test early.  You gave me a confidence I didn't have before! 

ADHD / Math / Reading / Memory

The doctors diagnosed me as having ADHD.  I didn't like school.  I ditched a lot and was kicked out of public school. Your games showed me my learning style and taught me to learn from different teaching styles.

I am now working one grade level ahead in math and two grade levels in reading.  I remember what I have heard and read.  I am not as hyper, my teachers like me now, and I am starting to trust them.  I am making more friends with smart students. Your games were so easy and helpful.

I am now on the right medication, I don't ditch classes, I have made a lot of friends, and I will graduate on time.  You guys are my heroes. 

Memory / Test Skills

Your games have helped me a lot.  When I came in, I couldn't remember anything.  Now, my memory is so much better and I understand math so much better than I used to.  I even got permission to take the driver's test, and I passed! Not only can I remember, I am able to think faster!  Thanks, Dr. Maness. 

Substance Abuse / Math / Reading / Memory

When I started your program, I was using drugs and drank, didn't like myself at all, and I hated everybody 'cause everybody knew I was stupid.  Your workshop showed me I could learn and keep up with the class.  I'm reading faster, my auditory and visual processing are faster, I stopped thinking I was stupid and learned to like myself.  I even started liking math and reading.  My grades improved, I am going to graduate, and have enrolled in college.  Oh yeah, I also enrolled in a 12-step program and have stopped drinking and using drugs.  My dad and mom are even talking to me now.  Thank you, Dr. Maness. 

Math / Reading / Memory

Learning at your workshop was so easy because you are so friendly and patient.  I learn better when I am learning from a friend.  Doc, it's like you became my friend.  I not only learned your formulas and tricks for math and reading, but I remember so much more than ever before. 

Math / Reading / Memory

Your workshop has really helped me a lot.  I remember there was a time when I was ashamed to read in front of people, but now I enjoy it.  Thanks, Doc!   I recommend you to everyone I know who has ever had a need to learn math, reading, and comprehension skills.  

Math / Reading / Memory

Doc Maness' games have helped me so very much.  I have been out of school for two years.  Doc Maness taught me how to do things easier and faster.  I plan to be an accountant.  His focusing tricks and math formulas I know will help me in college and throughout my career.  I enjoyed the workshop and classes very much and hope to attend the advanced classes soon. 

Reading / Memory / Test Skills

Doc Maness taught me how to study.  Thanks to him, my reading speed went from 70 words a minute with zero comprehension to 758 words a minute with full comprehension.  The best yet is this class helped me get into college by passing their reading class.  Doc's personality was the same in person as at the Internet workshop.  Doc Maness gave me a chance to learn and he pushed me to succeed. 

Math / Reading / Memory

Your brain games have helped me immensely.   Your formulas for math and reading have helped me in all my classes, but what I appreciate most is you were more than a teacher, you were a friend.  I can't wait for your next workshop! 

Reading / Memory

Doc Maness' workshop has helped me in reading!  I now can visualize what I read and comprehend it at a fast speed.  I was never able to do that before.  My speed and comprehension have surpassed my greatest dream. 

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