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Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is grouped with the family of social anxieties.  Symptoms can affect people from a stock trader who fears to make a purchase or a sale because the market is so volatile, to the sales rep who feels anxious every time the phone rings.  PA can cause an inability to focus, and can promote other effects of generalized anxiety. Performance Anxiety can strike the highest-paid athlete to the child in school or at home. 

Symptoms can range from paralyzing fear to talking too little or too much when in a social environment.  PA can halt a career, lower grades, lead to depression, and cause challenges in personal relationships.  How?  It negatively affects one’s self-esteem and self-confidence.  Let BrainTek design a program around your individual needs.  Click here to learn more.

Social Anxiety comes in many forms; panic attacks, chronic worry, obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias, they even have a category that takes on all the un-named anxieties called generalized anxiety disorders.

Anxiety can originate in a number of areas in the brain and anxiety disorders are very solvable.  Some people promote using tricks to overcome but again, dealing with the symptom instead of the root never brings permanent resolution.  Yes, there are tricks you can use to get over a temporary fear but Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

BrainTek uses an assessment that looks at the stress markers in the brain then looks at the particular zip code of that marker to see what other areas of the brain it may be affecting.  The matrix delivers signals that are key to that particular area of the brain and / or body and encases it in soothing, relaxing music.

If you are challenged with performance anxiety call BrainTek today to find out how they can help you.

From athletic performance to stage performance, BrainTek is here to help.


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