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Sleep / Stress / Anxiety / Pain

When I walked in the door to see Dr. Maness, my mind wouldn’t turn off.  It affected my sleep.  My life was filled with anxiety and stress to where it affected my stomach and actually caused fear and pain.  I believe much of the stress was caused by the lack of sleep and my fear of not being able to sleep when I would go to bed at night.  The recycling of these thoughts only magnified my anxiety and fear, and even seemed to accentuate the pain.

Dr. Maness reset my brain and taught me to manage my brain, which helped me sleep at night and rid myself of the mind chatter and stress that I experienced daily.  I am now in control of my brain, my emotions, and my productivity. I am able to focus and resolve problems.  I am no longer overwhelmed – I am in control. 

Sleep / Stress / Anxiety

I've never written a testimonial but felt it was too important not to write you.

A normal night of sleep for me was 2-3 hours.  Ever since I was a young boy I've had this problem.  I was taken to doctors and given everything from prescription drugs to acupuncture and herbs.  Nothing helped.  At 55, I needed something!   But I never expected to get half the benefits I received from you.  I'm sleeping 6 hours a night now and my memory has improved so much that I'm not sure I've ever been as sharp as I am right now.  My retention is incredible and I feel so alive. Thank you so much!  








If it takes you more than 30 minutes to get to sleep or if you feel groggy and lethargic when you awaken, your sleep may be an issue.  If you are relying on over-the-counter sleep aids to get to sleep at night, you are training your brain to become dependent on them.

Learn how to turn off mind chatter and develop deeper, restorative sleep.  

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