Case Study - 171142

This gentleman made medical history after he fell from the roof of a commercial building, landing head first on the cement below.  He was referred to us following a 70 day hospital stay. 

He was able to stand for only a few minutes at a time without dizziness or feeling faint.  His speech was limited, slurring words, and dropping and confusing his sentences. Notice the position of his skull in the scan to the left, and notice the shape of the midline of his brain from the scan below.

There was very little activity in the left hemisphere when we started our protocols.  After about 30 minutes of entrainment, activity returned to the left hemisphere.  Soon he was able to count by 10’s to 100 and stand for extended periods of time. After about a half hour much of the activity returned to the brain and after 12 weeks, his speech became more coherent, and his ability to stand continued to improve.

His neurologist told him whatever he was doing, don't stop.  He was released to return to his home in Seattle. 

He came by the office 3 years after his visit to BrainTek and he is still walking, talking and doing doing great.

Position of Scalp in Halo       After picture of Midline of Brain


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