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BRE Program Certification Course Level 1 Training

Program Description

Behavioral Relationship Entrainment (BRE) is a brain entrainment program that helps a client take charge and manage their brain. We named this program Behavioral Relationship Entrainment because everything in the brain and body maintains a relationship. If there is a misfire in the brain, it affects the body. If the body is affected by outside or internal influence or by physical ailments like infections and/or inflammation, the brain is affected. There is a direct correlation between the brain and the gut and between the brain and internal organs.

Each area of the brain has a defining relationship with the other. When the relationships are weak key behaviors affecting learning, productivity, memory, depression, stress, sleep and addictions are created. BrainTek has been developing, monitoring, modifying, and creating protocols that help to re-establish connections in the brain pathways. These protocols can be in the form of BRE Lobe Specific Exercises, BRE Therapeutic Sound Entrainment Protocols and brain support physical exercises.

The BrainTek Institute has been doing research for over 20 years and has been able to identify specific areas of the brain where various imbalances occur and labeled them to a specific zip code within the brain. (This zip code is the area of the brain that corresponded with behavioral issue.) This is one of the unique characteristics of the BRE Program. The program is designed to analyze the brain/body relationship using BRE NeuroElectrical, NeuroTransmitter, and NeuroPhysiology Assessments.

The BRE Technology helps make more complete connections throughout the brain and nervous system. Understanding, rebuilding, and improving these behavioral relationships is why BrainTek created this uncomplicated, efficient, and highly effective program. BrainTek is a research institute whose results have been remarkably effective in identifying certain areas of the brain that might be contributing to a poor developmental or recovery process. BrainTek has organized and established a Tele-Wellness Solution™ that is web based which manages the information and helps choose supportive protocols for the client with minimum effort and maximum results. Professional counselors help people resolve their issues, but sometimes the brain is "stuck". This program complements a counselor's skills and provides a powerful tool for the practitioner's toolbox.

Practitioners need a basic course in understanding how the BRE Program reprograms and entrains the mental, emotional, chemical, and physical state of the body. Our Neuro-Wellness Solution™ provides rapid results for most people in as little as 4-6 weeks. The BRE Program is a proven modality and has been utilized by Medical Doctors and health care professionals in clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries.

This program has been found to be effective for the following conditions: anger, anxiety, cognitive skills, mild depression, focus attention, frustration, hyperactivity, memory, mental fatigue, productivity, sleep, stress, stress-related illness and learning disorders which are included in the scope of practice in this certification. These are all issues that practitioners deal with daily. The BRE Program can help reboot the brain so the client can begin to process and benefit from the counseling. It is an enhancement for their practice. Testimonials are available on the BrainTek website.

Our Unique Program

The BRE Program contains an automated NeuroElectrical Assessment with a built in matrix which scores and selects the appropriate Therapeutic Sound Entrainment Protocol and Lobe Specific Exercises tailored for the individual needs of the client. This process has shown to have a positive influence on the individual and brain recovery. The BRE Program can be administered to the client in the practitioner’s office using a computer. We recommend clients lay or sit in a comfortable position with their eyes closed while wearing headphones to listen to their 20 minute sound entrainment protocol. Clients will have access to the sound entrainment protocol 4-5 days a week for use at home. On those days it is available for 24 hours and can access it as much as they want during that time period. Clients that live a long distance away are able to have their consultations and neuro assessments conducted remotely over the phone. All clients are able to access their therapy over the internet. BrainTek’s BRE Therapeutic Sound Entrainment Protocols and Lobe Specific Brain Exercises can be accessed anywhere in the world.


Benefits of Behavioral Relationship Entrainment™

  •  Complements most therapy protocols by the doctor, therapist and health care  professional
  • Speeds Recovery and reduces cost
  • Remote  24 /7 Access to the protocol and can be listened to on most smart phones and mobile devices
  • Results can be easily monitored and updated
  • Remote BRE Therapy is convenient to client’s daily routine
  • Strengthens family relationships as the person improves
  • BRE Technology  can be utilized by children and adult family members
  • Our entrainment program conditions and retrains the brain to less stress and more logical homeostasis
  • Clients become more cognitively alert and cooperative
  • Clients can do brain entrainment exercises from the convenience of their home or wherever they are located which expedites their recovery



  • To teach Counselors, Message Therapists, Chiropractors, Doctors, Nurses and other health care professionals how to implement BrainTek Institute’s Behavioral Relationship Entrainment Program (BRE).
  • Provide BRE Therapeutic Sound Entrainment Protocols and BRE Brain Exercises to support and raise the bar of excellence for Practitioners and their office
  • Integrate and bridge the gap between science and medicine by providing innovation technology and brain therapies
  • Improve health, vitality & performance for clients; implementing a true integrative/functional holistic approach
  • To provide brain support for the client to return to optimal  functional health


Course Objectives for Practitioners

  •  Learn integral concepts of Behavioral Relationship Entrainment which centers around the concept that everything in the brain and body maintain a relationship.
  • Learn why we use the BRE NeuroElectrical, NeuroPhysiology and NeuroTransmitter assessments and understand how to administer them.
  • Learn key terminology, anatomy and function of the brain.
  • Learn how to structure and conduct weekly appointments.
  • Learn how to navigate our internet based software which houses the entire BRE Program.
  • Learn how collect baseline data in order to provide measurable results for patients.
  • Learn how to choose the proper BRE sound entrainment protocols and lobes specific brain exercises for the patient.
  • Learn what it is like to be the patient through role play and experiencing the BRE Therapy.
  • Learn how to define marketing strategies for implementing this modality into their practice.


This Course Contains 8 Modules and a Reference Library

Module 1 Introduction: This section covers Introduction to Behavioral Relationship Entrainment, BrainTek background and research, understanding the imbalances in the Brain and neurological activity. 

Module 2 Intro to the Brain: This section covers areas of the brain and their specific processes and activities and emotions.  Our emphasis is on these parts of the brain:

Basal Ganglia, Limbic System, Amygdale, Hippocampus, Thalamus, Anterior Pituitary, Cingulate Gyrus,  Cerebral Cortex, Cerebral Cortex Lobes, Cerebellum, Broca's Area, Corpus Callosum,  Brain Stem, Medulla Oblongata, Pons, Neocortex, Wernicke's area, Speech Centers.        

We discuss the imbalance and reactions in the brain and explain how our BRE Therapeutic Sound Entrainment Protocols help the Brain. 

Module 3 Neurophysiology Training: This section includes interviewing and assessing the client to establish a baseline; how to conduct the BRE NeuroPhysiology Assessment which includes Mood, Gait and Body Stress Assessments.  

Module 4 Back Office: This section gives instruction on how to navigate the internet software called the “Practitioner Back Office” which contains all the elements of BRE Program.  This is what certified practitioners will use to conduct their appointments.

Module 5 NeuroElectrical: This section gives instruction on how to conduct our automated NeuroElectrical Assessment which assesses the Basal Ganglia, Limbic System, Cingulate Gyrus, Frontal Cortes, Temporal and Parietal lobes. Key strategies for building rapport with the client are discussed which includes analyzing the BRE NeuroElectrical Summary Report.  

Module 6 NeuroTransmitters: This section provides basic information about behaviors relating to NeuroTransmitters and instructions for using the BRE NeuroTransmitter Assessment and BRE NeuroTransmitter Review.

Module 7 Appointment Flow: This section provides step-by-step instructions for conducting and managing BRE Appointments. Appointments contain neuro assessments, lobe specific brain exercises and instructions for physical exercises such as breathing techniques.

Module 8 Marketing: This section provides marketing strategies for finding new clients and includes information on how to integrate and market the BRE Program.

ReferenceLibrary: Contains Client Handouts such as weekly progress reports, instructions for brain exercises sleep journals; Documents such as Technology Behind the BRE Program and  BRE magazine articles; Marketing Material such as gift certificates and promotional brochure flyer:  Forms such as wellness questionnaires, testimonial forms etc.. 

Course Schedule

Day 1     Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM   (From 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Staff available for Individual/Group Questions or review) 

8:00 – 10:30

Welcome to the BRE Program Level 1 Certification Training Program

Introduction to Entrainment

Introduction to the Brain

10:30– 10:45


10:45 – 11:15

Simulated Client  Remote Appointment


11:15– 12:30

NeuroPhysiology Assessment Training

12:30 – 1:30

Lunch / set up computer

1:30 – 2:15

Back Office Functionality

2:15 – 4:00

NeuroElectrical Assessment Training / Create Client Account & Assign Intro Package (Laptop Required)

4:00 – 4:15


4:15 – 6:00

Breakout Sessions - Administer  1st Assessment and Protocol (Laptop Required)

6:00 – 7:00

Staff available for Individual/Group Questions or review

Day 2     Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM  

 8:00 – 8:30

Entrainment Protocol Feedback

 8:30 – 10:00


10:00– 10:30

NeuroTransmitter Assessment Training (Laptop Required)



10:45– 12:30

Office and Remote Appointment Flow

12:30 – 1: 30


1:30 –3:00

Breakout sessions –Convert Intro Package

Practice: Administering Neuro Assessments and Brain Exercises (Laptop Required)

3:00 – 5:00

Review and Certification Test



















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