Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrainTek Institute?
The BrainTek Institute combines research and applied technology to enhance the health and performance of the brain.  By using several different methods, they are able to alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of disorders, as well as improve personal performance.

What Conditions Have Improved with BrainTek Institute Techniques?

Symptoms such as stress, epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, TMJ, pain management, restless leg syndrome, migraines, closed head injury, stroke, and many others have all been entrained at BrainTek Institute.

What is Biofeedback?
Biofeedback is a method of providing people with information about their minds and bodies that is not ordinarily available to them. Information about muscle tension, emotional responsivity, is displayed on computers to help people learn more about themselves.

What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback involves a similar process like biofeedback, but monitors brainwaves instead body functions. This information can then be used to help a person to improve attention, concentration, gain insight into their problems, or just relax and learn to better cope with the pressures of modern life, and the suffering and loss of enjoyment it often entails.

What is Behavioral Relationship Entrainment?
Behavioral Relationship Entrainment uses sound protocols, lobe specific games and brain/body exercises.  Our sound protocols send proprietary signals to key areas of the brain to relax, stimulate or inhibit irregular pathways.  

Once we have gathered the information, it becomes feedback that helps us develop the protocols for your individual brain entrainment program.    In some cases, we monitor and watch changes as they are happening in the brain in real time.  

The protocols are performed in a relaxing environment and the client will often drift off to sleep.

What are the Benefits of Behavioral Relationship Entrainment?
Our entrainment has shown to aid in cognitive improvement including; memory, attention, focus, resolution of depression, insomnia, stress, stress related illness and a host of other difficulties.

Other benefits can come in the form of being more centered and focused, calmer in social situations, improved thinking and judgment, increased work productivity, improved academic performance, being more adaptable to change, reducing levels of anxiety and depression, improved immune system, better sleep patterns and more.   BrainTek’s Behavioral Relationship Program teaches you to more actively process thought, become aware of changes in your brain and how to manage them.

How Long Do The Effects of Behavioral Relationship Feedback Last?
Everyone’s brain is unique to them and their results will vary.  We have cases that have shown results lasting over two to five years and longer with no retraction of benefit.

What Markets Does BrainTek Institute Serve?

• We teach you to manage your brain including; how to process thought, how to listen and how to feel with your brain and how to manage dominance.  The programs offered at BrainTek Institute provide a way to counter act numerous unwanted effects including stress, anxiety, sleep issues, focus, attention, mind chatter, mental fatigue and depression.

• We work with your medical, chiropractic or naturopathic teams, therapist or primary health managers to enhance your recovery.

• BrainTek Institute provides a variety of services that can improve productivity; reduce the response to stress, anxiety, and depression that is costly in lost workdays and healthcare expense.

• At BrainTek Institute we balance your brain, help you improve your visual range, reaction time and cognitive speed.  We teach you to listen (not hear), how to focus and be attentive to the team and the game.  We use entrainment protocols for student athletes and professional athletes.

• BrainTek Institute continues to stay at the cutting edge of brain / body research.  Our research has helped us become successful with  traumatic brain injury, stroke, Attention / Focus and other cognitive challenges.  We are also studying how early detection of irregular brainwave behavior is a valuable predictor of potential challenges.

International Society for Neurofeedback Research

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