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Documentation on file at BrainTek Institute, San Diego

Doctor Supervised Feasibility Study

Dr. Maness secured a relationship with a family practice medical doctor to oversee a feasibility study.  The doctor’s qualifications are as follows:  Seven years family medicine, Assistance Clinical Professor at a major United States university, an associate staff physician, Harvard Medical School and Clinical Research Fellow.

The following guidelines were established:

  1. The duration of the program would be five weeks
  2. All participants were selected suffering from depression, stress and stress related illness. 
  3. All participants were selected by the medical doctor in charge of the study because of their high ranking on the Perceived Stress Scale and the PHQ-9 test. 

The BRE Program is a software driven protocol.  Subjects will log in the program and receive a protocol that is designed for their particular needs.

Therapy Protocol
A weekly assessment is performed.  This will show the progress by region of the brain including the behavior of the way information is processed within the brain.  The system will then assign a new protocol based upon the assessment.

The clinician will discuss with the client information contained in the BRETM guide while helping the client become comfortable with the process. Generally, and for most disorders, a standard therapy protocol will consist of administering sound therapy three times a week for either four or six weeks depending on the progress.  This procedure can be modified for clients who are in crisis and in need of more pronounced intervention.


Informed Consent of Participants

It was explained to the subjects the purpose of the program was to determine the improvements of the BRE treatments on brain behavior and their symptomology especially if there was a noticeable reduction in the symptoms of substance abuse disorder, depression and stress. This included, but not limited to; better, longer periods of sleep, relaxation, ability to better deal with stress, reduction in depressive feelings, improvement in memory, self-esteem etc..

Results for the 28 participants show the following:

Week Two shows a 47% improvement in most challenging symptoms

Week Three shows a 71% improvement in most challenging symptoms

Week Four shows an 83% improvement in most challenging symptoms

Week Five shows a 90% improvement in most challenging symptoms

Results were consistent 

Reduction in medications:

  • I have been taking 7 capsules daily.  Normal dosages fall in the range of 2-3 capsules a day.  After one month on BrainTek, my adrenal supplement dosage is now at 1 capsule a day
  • Smoking has gone from 6 packs a week to 1 or 2 cigarettes a day and I was making no conscious effort to slow down or quit.
  • I have an electronic implant to treat Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a painful and debilitating medical condition caused by misfiring neurons in the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • I have had many medical procedures done for this condition in the last 10 years, and without the impulses into my nervous system that the implant provides, I experience long bouts of excruciating pain.  Following ten years of excruciating pain, surgeries and treatments, I joined the BRETM I turned off the implant the day I started the BRETM Program which was over a year ago, and to date I have been symptom free of RSD.
  • I have struggled with PTSD for over 10 years. I actually felt my brain processing the traumatic event that had been buried there for so long.  I finally felt a release from the trauma that was causing many of my symptoms. 
  • The brain chatter disappeared. 
  • My emotions and mood became stable. 
  • I started to have a more positive outlook on things. 
  • Symptoms of depression disappeared.
  • My memory improved.  I was able to retain information without going over it again and again. 
  • The protocols took away the migraines. 
  • The body aches I had for years disappeared. 
  • All GI symptoms disappeared.
  • My overall reaction to stress has improved.
  • From the first day of listening to the protocol I was sleeping better--and my sleep just kept improving. I feel rested every morning.
  • I am able to focus on a task without getting sidetracked and without getting overwhelmed.
  • I react to stressors differently now. I am calmer, composed and thoughtful in the face of stress.
  • My sleep continues to be deep and restful.
  • I truly like myself!
  • I find that even though the protocols are no longer a part of my daily routine, I am more in control of my faculties and am able to use memory of the recordings when I am in a tight situation or realizing that I am stressed.
  • Some three weeks after my last week with you, I continue to lose weight, which was a nice side benefit of the study. I am often able to shift my cravings to something I can command, which I am sure is a direct result of the work you did with me.
  • I have more focus in my work, as well, which is the chief benefit I was hoping for.
  • Not constantly on edge on the inside
  • The anxiety is gone
  • greatly reduced mind chatter
  • NO stressful thought
  • No GUT Issues; haven't even thought of the gut issues.
  • In the past, would get issues with gut. Not any longer
  • Sleeping deeper, getting up refreshed. This is the first time in a long
  • Time able to bounce up out of bed and get the day rolling.


  • Lost the anxiety and the anger. I don’t snap at people


Overall, the BRETM protocols are considered safe.  The BRETM Program has been shown effective in resolving stress and stress related illness in PTSD, Depression and other stress related issues.

No adverse events have been reported.  No side effects.  BRETM was shown as safe as listening to the radio.

The BRETM protocols should never be advocated as a substitute for medical care, BRETM protocols in this test has shown the benefit to the daily operations of a medical clinic and to a doctors current protocols.

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