Head Trauma / Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

(K.’s Medical Documentation from Sharp Hospital is on file for your review upon request from qualified parties)


Nine years ago I was involved in a terrible auto accident which resulted in my receiving a traumatic brain injury. Upon awakening from a coma I was confronted with speech deficits, memory problems, ear and vestibular damage, frequent seizures, could not be around crowds, word recognition and reading comprehension issues, and other brain related problems. The past nine years have been truly difficult for my entire family.

My wife sought out all methods of treatment and nutritional care to aid my recovery. Traditional neurosurgeons and neurologists had told us that most of my recovery could be expected in 1-3 years and I would reach a peak in what abilities I could expect to recover in 5 years.











It is true that I made strides forward during that initial period. However because of my wife’s efforts to seek out all methods possible to aid me I have made even greater strides forward during years 7-9 following my brain injury.

She discovered the existence of Dr. Maness and BrainTek from a family acquaintance and learned of all the great work that he has done. We both felt that it would be the final piece to my personal trauma injury puzzle.

We flew to California from Massachusetts to spend a number of fairly intense sessions and treatments over two weeks.  My wife also participated with her own brain entrainment with Dr. Maness because of the incredible stress she has been under these past nine years. You also recommended I have my blood tested and be scanned.

Your  brain scanning techniques and treatments were absolutely astonishing. The information that you ascertained was precise and totally on the mark. Your personality and manner made My wife and I immediately feel comfortable and almost like family members.

I know I’ve just scratched the surface in my treatments in trying to improve communications between the lobes of my brain as my efforts on your computer clearly showed.

Note the progress after BrainTek protocols:

The weekend following those five hours of sessions with you, My wife and I took our grandchildren to Disneyland. I couldn’t have contemplated this a few years ago. The crowds would have been too overwhelming. Following our sessions I was able to handle the crowds and ride the Space Mountain Roller Coaster. I would have to compare this event with my beloved Boston Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004. Considering my vestibular damage and balance problems I never thought I would ever see either of these events in my lifetime.

After just five hours of sessions with you I was actually able to look at a computer screen. I realize that may not seem like such a great accomplishment, but to someone with my visual issues any movement could invoke a seizure; it brought tears to my eyes.

Upon returning home I sorted through a mountain of mail since we have been away for nearly a month. Two days later I sat down and for the first time in nine years I wrote checks for all our monthly bills. Previously My wife had always preformed this task as it had always proven too overwhelming for me.

Dr Maness thank you so much for being the person you are and helping me to unlock the mystery that was the damage to my brain. You truly are a gift to many people. Thank you again for beginning this stage of my healing and for so selflessly helping so many others.

Three Year Update:

Three years after K.’s first visit August 2010

On July 29, 2010 K. returned to BrainTek for his third reunion visit.  Still doing great.    K. was able to obtain his drivers license: August 2009

November 19, 2011 Kirk, Top Gun and others celebrated their Fourth Reunion of Recovery; Started writing his book and gave us a glowing doctors report of his recovery.

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Your friends forever,

K. and S. Boston, MA


 R duel scan

R. fell from the roof while working on a commercial building landing head first on the cement below.  Following 75 days in the hospital, he was referred to us unable to stand for only a few minutes at time without dizziness or feeling faint.

His speech was limited, slurring words and dropping sentences.

After about 30 minutes.  You can see on the EEG and the video of treatment there was very little to no activity in the left hemisphere. Within 31 minutes, some activity returned.  R. was able to count by 10’s to 100.

His speech and ability to stand for extended periods of time returned.  R. was released to return to his home in Seattle.  R received twelve sessions on five occasions at BrainTek.

 Three Year Update:

R. is still doing great!




 Baby Izaiah Wallis' room was transformed into a deep-sea odyssey. On the big screen TV, the movie "Finding Nemo" plays non-stop.

In addition to a constant stream of relatives and his father Jacob, Izaiah had a new visitor at his bedside: Dr. Dennis Maness, a Sorrento Valley brain specialist and a neurotherapy pioneer. By putting five electrodes on Izaiah's head, Maness was able to receive real-time information about Izaiah's brain activity on his laptop.   See full story and Television News  story by clicking on the following link.
We have already seen progress.  When we received the case, Baby Izaiah was paralyzed from the chest down, Limit head rotation, limited arm and hand movement, paralyzed from the chest down.  He has a catheter, is on a tracheotomy ventilator, partially blind and requires 24 hour care.
We have worked with Baby Izaiah for the four hours we have worked with him we have already seen voluntary movement in his legs and feet and toes.The swelling in his head and temporal plates are greatly improved.

His medical bill to date exceeds $3.5 Million following seven months in the hospital.  Our expenses to date are only a small fraction of the hospital debt and in only a few hours.


Izaiah in Hospital     Update 11-24-11

"BrainTek and Izaiah's family thanks all the doctors, nurses, therapists and health care providers for their wonderful work on Baby Izaiah."

 Baby Izaiah can

  • Voluntarily raise his legs to his hips,

  • Voluntarily grab his ankles (raise legs and grab his ankles)

  • He has most recently voluntarily rolled over

  • He voluntarily raises himself up on his elbows to set up

  • He voluntarily reaches out his arms to allow one to pick him up

  • His eyes are orbiting (when we received him, his eyes would only track horizontally.

The stories listed above are three of many we have on file at the offices of BrainTek in San Diego, California.

Additional information is available to qualified professionals by calling BrainTek at 858-222-9138 or Email us at info@braintek.org


60 Day Update:


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