Memory lapses -- They happen to the best of actors whose careers depend on remembering their lines, as well as to seniors, children, and students.  Yes, they affect us all.

Some of the major contributors to slower memory access and auditory processing are: sleep patterns, stress, chemical imbalance, overall health, and metals poisoning.

Mind chatter also interferes with thought, speech, and logic.  Mind chatter often happens when you are stressed, challenged with mental processing, using your judgment and reasoning skills, or simply fatigued.

focus-20.jpgA good memory is critical at any age, from the classroom to the board room. 

For example, you may be unable to process simple logic such as "If George is in Chicago and Chicago is in Illinois then George is in Illinois." This failure to reason is not a sign of true mental impairment but possibly temporary mental fatigue. When you face such difficulties with your reasoning, get a good night's sleep, and if the problem does not resolve, call BrainTek.

For many, regaining a good memory is a matter of brain management.  Too often we allow the brain to manage us.  It’s time to take back management of your brain.

BrainTek can help you learn to manage your brain and identify everyday challenges that can impede your memory.

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