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Adult ADHD can cause problems on the job, at home, in social environments . . . just about everywhere you go. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you learn the BrainTek techniques, you have the advantage. When the attention and focus issues are repaired, the hyper-focused individual becomes more productive, creative, and versatile.


What is Depression? Why is it so hard to tell if you have it? Depression, Chemical Imbalance, Burnout, and Stress are similar but each takes a daily toll on us and those around us. It is never wise to self-medicate based upon a self-diagnosis, just as it is not wise to ignore Depression, thinking it will go away. Wait too long, and it may affect your immune system and lead to more challenging problems


If it takes you more than 30 minutes to get to sleep, or if you feel groggy and lethargic when you awaken, your sleep may be an issue. If you are relying on over-the-counter sleep aids, you are training your brain to become dependent on them.

Mental Fatigue

Mental Fatigue can bring about Physical Fatigue. If not corrected, it can promote Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. How do you tell if you are caught up in this cycle, or simply tired from overwork? Take the BrainTek Mental Fatigue Self Test by clicking here.  Then call your BrainTek Professional at 858-222-9138 to schedule your appointment.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is grouped with the family of social anxieties.  Symptoms can affect people from a stock trader who fears to make a purchase or a sale because the market is so volatile, to the sales rep who feels anxious every time the phone rings.  PA can cause an inability to focus, and can promote other effects of generalized anxiety. Performance Anxiety can strike the highest-paid athlete to the child in school or at home. 

Symptoms can range from paralyzing fear to talking too little or too much when in a social environment.  PA can halt a career, lower grades, lead to depression, and cause challenges in personal relationships.  How?  It negatively affects one’s self-esteem and self-confidence.  Let BrainTek design a program around your individual needs.  Click here to learn more.


Is your productivity down? Are you dissatisfied with your career, or concerned about your long-term security?  When you wake in the morning, do you have trouble getting out of bed to face another day at work? Do you have difficulty getting started when you arrive at work? These underlying de-motivators can set off a series of cognitive challenges that can zap your mental energy to perform tasks which at one time were routine and easy. Is it Burnout, Chemical Imbalance, or a Cognitive issue?  BrainTek can tailor a program based upon the behavior of your brain and body, and train you to manage going forward.  Click here to learn more.

Sleep Issues

Sleep is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR. A fortunate few will be asleep by the time their heads hit the pillow. Then there is the rest of the human race that rocks and rolls all night.

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