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It is a medical fact that a diabetic is slow to heal. I am Type II diabetic. My busy schedule has me working many 15- to 17-hour days with few days off. I found myself frequently tired, lethargic, and very cognitively slow. While attending one of our monthly NFL Alumni meetings in San Diego, I was introduced to Passion 4 Life. During a four-month time, my energy level and cognitive speed have greatly improved. However, one side benefit my doctors seem surprised over is the speed at which I have recovered from surgery. So surprised, in fact, that the doctors are taking pictures of the incisions for documentation.

Thanks, Passion 4 Life!

Dennis Maness, Ph.D.
Research Neuroscience

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Why Liquid Vitamins?

Liquid nutritional supplements have become very popular in recent years. With advancement in research and technologies, liquid vitamins have become the intelligent alternative to hard pills and tablets. Liquid vitamins and minerals have already been dissolved. Based on the most up-to-date research, Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins is the most complete and effective formula available. Just one liquid ounce (2 tablespoons) is designed to provide more energy, endurance, stamina, and a strengthening of the immune system. Our clients report a host of other results, such as: better ability to focus, better sleep, fewer aches and pains from everyday stress, fewer issues with allergies, clearer complexion, stronger nails, shinier hair, and numerous other physical results and improvements.

Every day, millions of people walk the vitamin aisles of health food stores, baffled by the hundreds of choices of bottles of pills and tablets before them. Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins has been designed to completely take the guesswork out of buying vitamins and minerals. One of the leading NFL running backs said it so well: "It's so easy!" It would take literally handfuls of pills to equal the 135 liquid vitamins and minerals in just one liquid ounce a day. Unless manufacturers follow strict USP standards, most hard and difficult-to-swallow pills are only absorbed between 10% and 20%. The remainder can be found in the nation's sewer plants. Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins and minerals are absorbed up to 98% directly into the bloodstream within 3 minutes of ingestion (scientific evidence available under blood analysis). Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins can be a powerful weapon in the arsenal against aging prematurely while it helps maintain a healthy mind and body. Passion 4 Life has NO sugar and NO caffeine. It tastes great! Even kids love it. Although it can be mixed with water or fruit juice, most people take it straight.

Get Passion 4 Life and change your life......



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