Performance Anxiety



Performance anxiety is grouped with the family of social anxieties.  Performance Anxiety can strike the highest-paid athlete to the child in school or at home, from the stock trader who fears to make a purchase or a sale because the market is so volatile, to the sales rep who feels anxious every time the phone rings. 

Symptoms can range from paralyzing fear to talking too little or too much when in a social environment.  It can halt a career, lower grades, lead to depression, and cause challenges in personal relationships.  How?  It negatively affects self-esteem and self-confidence, and can lead to social withdrawal, anxiety, and depression.  Let BrainTek develop a program designed around your individual needs.

BrainTek’s PA program will help you determine if the root cause is a chemical imbalance or if you are caught in a trigger / fear / response cycle.  BrainTek’s Behavioral Relationship programs will show you how to stop these negative cycles so you can reach your maximum potential.

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