Just what is productivity?  It is the sum resulting from ones efforts.

A sum . . . It is the sum of results from our efforts.  A greater sum equates to increased productivity.  A lesser sum equates to a lesser sum. 

There are things that keep us away from being productive.

We've all seen people who show great potential but we are stumped as to why they don’t perform to that level?

Telling a person who is working hard to be more productive is like telling the child to study harder.   It means nothing.  Teach a person how to be productive will usually work.  When it doesn’t work, you have to look to the root of the problem.

Most often, a person who appears tired, lazy or challenged to stay attentive can find added strength once the root of the challenge has been identified.

At BrainTek, we help you get to the root of the matter.  Through our assessments, we can see if

  • their lack of productivity caused by a lack of creativity
  • If it is a lack of knowing how to organize and perform
  • Is it an inability to perform such as performance anxiety
  • Is it challenges with the endocrine system or the vestibular system?
  • Is it in the propensity of the RNA or DNA?
  • Is it processing too slowly?
  • Could it be neurochemical or neuroelectrical?

Answers to challenges with productivity is not a dead end story.  At BrainTek, we look at a challenge as an opportunity. 

Link to a Self Assessment on Productivity.

Following assessments, you are placed on a protocol to help you find resolution.  We then teach you exercises that will help you maintain your new productivity levels.


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