Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a stress / anxiety disorder that develops following exposure to a traumatic event that caused great mental stress and often left physical and emotional imprints.

PTSD can happen to people of any age, following serious illness or a traumatic event.  Children and adolescents who were exposed to abuse or other violence may have carried it into their adult life, causing additional challenges in marriages, family and social relationships.  Some carry it as depression, social withdrawal, fear, and phobias. 

Overcoming this challenge starts with a brain map.  Because everyone’s brain is as unique as their fingerprints, we want to see your individual map.  A brain map will show areas of the brain that are hyper-active, under-active, inactive, and out of balance.

Following the brain map, we use a form of advanced neurofeedback entrainment, a process developed by a team of neuroscientists led by our founder, Dr. Dennis Maness.  This involves a series of BrainTek Advanced Neurofeedback entrainment sessions and a series of video games that teach you how to manage your cognitive and emotional behavior.

BrainTek Technology has been noticed by the United States Military.  Dr. Maness was asked to speak about BrainTek's methods at a Combat and Operational Stress Control (COSC) conference.  The COSC conference brought together Navy and Marine Corps leaders to hear about reliable, working technologies for PTSD and Stress-Related Illness.  Pictures and information may be seen in our Photo Gallery.

What You Will Experience

BrainTek entrainment allows your brain to enter a deep state between awake and asleep. In this state, you are distanced from your thinking/reactive mind and are finally in a calm, safe place where deeper fears, traumas, and intrusions can be addressed.  Here we are able to strip the emotional response from the experience.  Once done, you will notice that BrainTek entrainment brings calmness, better sleep, and balance to your emotions.

Most people take about 10 sessions to achieve lasting entrainment of the brain. 

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