Why BrainTek

Why BrainTek:

BrainTek is a non-medical, holistic concept which is upholds that all aspects of people's needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.  Our Certified doctors and health care practitioners utilize holistic, Homeopathy, alternative Acupuncture, Chiropractic and medical approach to helping their recover.  

BrainTek Certified Doctors and Practitioners are                                                                                                      State Licensed and have not only performed the educational requirements for their craft; they also work hard to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

Education                                                                                                                                                                   Our Certified doctors and health practitioners have graduated from some of the best universities in America and have some of the best experience available coming to us through places like the Mayo Clinic, major research centers of some of the best universities in America.

Recovery is the goal.  We look to help our patients and clients recover, not simply treat symptoms.

Who has utilized BrainTek programs:                                                                                                                    BrainTek protocols have been utilized by law enforcement, U.S. Department of Labor Rehabilitation programs, Corporate training centers, hospitals, clinics, special education programs in the Los Angeles,Oxnard and Ventura school districts, clinics and other health and educational centers throughout the United States.

The purpose of BrainTek is to help our clients and patients recover.  

BrainTek research works direct with individuals or on referral.

Our research department takes on special cases from doctors who have exhausted all pathways utilizing their current protocols.  Our function then is to develop additional tools the doctor can use to embetter the lives of their patients.

In doing so, we have helped people recover from comas, contusions of the skull, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Visual challenges and other trauma long after they were told this is as good as it gets.

BrainTek works with educational challenges.  Our Certified practitioner in Atlanta is having success working with Autism Spectrum children and emotionally challenged children.

BrainTek has made major strides in relaxation, meditation, productivity and other developments to help individuals progress.

To become Certified in BrainTek technologies, one must study to learn BrainTek methodologies and the operation of the BrainTek software.  There is a 20 hour classroom intensive training and a Certification Exam.  

Those doctors and healthcare practitioners passing the exam qualify for college credit through the University of California for taking the Certification classroom intensive training.

Certification Classes are held in various locations of the United States four times a year.

If you wish to become a Certified BrainTek practitioner, please contact Valerie Logan for qualifications, schedules and locations of the classes.

Please feel free to review the Web Site and Please visit us on our YouTube channel BrainTekTV to see videos of real patients giving their stories of recovery at BrainTek.

  • BrainTek uses the most complete, cutting-edge technologies to help you learn to manage your brain.

  • We look at the neurochemical, neuroelectrical, and neurophysiology aspects of your brain and body.

  • We look for cross references. If it shows in the brain, chances are it is going to affect the body.

  • We look for brain / body balance which is helpful in reducing stress, sleep issues, and mental fatigue.

  • We create a program with protocols specific to your needs; in other words, one treatment doesn't fit all.

  • We teach you exercises and techniques to manage your brain so you can manage what you have gained long after you graduate from our program.

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