Changed Lives : Depression Success Stories

A History of Depression

For the past six weeks I had fallen into a depression, and the 25 mg of Zoloft I had taken for the past 16 years, even when increased in dosage, was doing nothing to help.  I could not write or function.
BrainTek's assessment showed I had had a severe head injury in my past. I hadn't told Dr. Dennis or the staff of the injury.  I had been kicked in the face by a horse....which sent me into my first year-long severe depression 25 years ago. Dr. D. also saw three heavy stress lines.

We have a history of depression. My brother committed suicide when he was 22 years old, my nephew just this Christmas tried to hang himself and had a breakdown.  Dennis asked me if I had any pain and I told him no.  Then he said innocently, "If you had some pain...," and finally I started crying.  "I have been in pain for six weeks, depressed, suffering, etc."

When he started the session protocols, I loved it.  Relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated, I was focused and felt great.

When we had completed my sessions, I felt better than I have felt my whole life!  It was as if my past had been neutralized and I felt refreshed.  On the way from LA to Minneapolis, I wrote a huge article, which seemed more logically organized than anything I had done in months.


From Always Tired and Depressed to Back on Top

As far back as I can remember I have been tired in class.  My grades were always the worst of all the students.  After BrainTek's sessions, I have gone from tired and depressed to alive.  I really do like to learn; I just didn't have any energy.  I was down all the time.  BrainTek showed my mom and me how my diet affects my mood, and Dr. Maness taught me how to manage my brain.  I have gone from asleep to alive!  My grades . . . I now have the ability to 'see what the teacher is saying.'  My memory is so much better.

I have gone from worst to first; well, actually, second in my class, but by the end of the semester I will be first.  I have already made up the work I missed over the past few weeks. Thanks for being so patient with me.  Say thanks to Dr. Maness for me.  I couldn't have survived school without this help.


Depression, Focus and Attention






 Depression / Stress / Anxiety


Depression, Stress and Anxiety are a bad combination. 

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